2023-2024 GRAIN POLICY 
·      Moisture:
Selling 15%                                                                   
Price Later 15%
Storage 14%
Grain Bank 14%
Deliveries must be settled within 10 days of unload date, or the grain will be charged storage.
Drying:  4.5 cents per point Subject to change based on fuel prices. Effective October 1, 2023
Shrink:  1.50% per point of moisture removed
Averaging:  13% to 17% will be averaged.  Corn 17.1% and over will stand alone.  Corn under 13% moisture will be assigned 13%.
·      Storage Rates:
Minimum storage rate after 10 calendar days = 60 days.  Storage will be charged to your account at that time.
Minimum storage rate is 20 cents per bushel for 60 days.  Charge is 4 cents per month thereafter.
After one year charge will be 4 cents per bushel per month.
10 working days free storage if corn is sold.  Unsold corn reverts back to date delivered. 
After 10 days corn will be shrunk to storage moisture. 
Any service charges will be determined at that time, if there are charges, they will not exceed 4 cents/mo. rate.
·     Price Later Contracts:
16 cents handling for the first 60 days , then .001333 cents per day (4 cents per month) to Sept. 15, 2024.
·      Minimum Price Contracts for Corn:
Available upon request.
·      Grain Bank:
30 days no charge storage on corn delivered for feed purchasing (not just going out as whole corn)
Receiving charges of 20 cents per bushel and Load Out charges are 20 cents per bushel will be assessed
on corn not going into feed, along with the applicable storage charges back to the date of delivery.  Out corn without protein=15 cent/bu. fee.  Out corn with protein=10 cent/bu. fee.
·      Corn Discounts:
Damage Discount:  3 cents a point from 5 to 10%
4 cents each % from 10.1 to 20%
5 cents each % from 20.1 and up, subject to rejection- buyer's option.
Buyer's discount at time of delivery.
FM Discount:  3 cents per bushel, 3 to 4%.  4 cents per bushel for each 1% over 4%
Musty:  7 cents per bushel                 Weevily:  7 cents per bushel

Test Weight:  2 cents per pound under 54 to 50;  4 cents per pound under 50                 

·      Aflatoxin:
We reserve the right to test for aflatoxin at any time with notice
Our aflatoxin test is not an official test, so we will not be held reponsible for errors or discrepancies
If aflatoxin tests positive greater than 20 ppb, we reserve the right to dock based on our posted
dockage schedule                                                                                   Updated: 10.1.23